Shopping is Fun. Investing is Boring.

You’ve wanted it for a long time, you can’t believe your luck! You’re checking around and suddenly it’s right there in front of you, suddenly available. Your heart starts racing, your fingers are twitching, there’s a rush of blood. You know you’re going to buy it, there’s just no way you can let this opportunity pass. The anticipation, the excitement, the unbridled satisfaction when you look at your new purchase…that’s the feeling of online trading.

Oh, what were you thinking?

A new dress? That new gadget you’ve been eyeing? Sure that gets you pumped up but it’s not quite the same. Trading stock, buying government paper, taking advantage of a long-term investment instrument or choosing the right foreign currency account are all decisions that get you excited about the returns you can gain on your hard-earned cash. And who doesn’t get excited about earning money?

Most people don’t want to be bothered with the “hassle” of thinking about how their money is invested. For many, just saving their money in the bank is good enough. Except it’s not. Banks are really just to be seen as a warehouse for your cash until you’re ready to put it to work. You will see real earnings on your savings when you start investing, just be sure to seek advice on what types of investments are best for you.

Think about shopping for a few seconds. Hey, hey, focus, we don’t mean those shoes you’ve been wanting. Think about what you go through to get those shoes. You get up, take a bus to the Half-Way-Tree mall or Downtown, then jostle with a few hundred people before getting the items. Then you have to make your way through traffic to head back home. Now that’s a hassle! Even if you’re shopping online, you search for the item you want, there are the forms to fill out and the worry about whether or not it’s your size and if your credit card information will be safe.

Now consider sitting with an advisor and discussing opportunities and options that can help put more money in your pocket. Doesn’t that give you goosebumps? Ok, maybe not goosebumps, but admit it, you like the idea. And as for your options, they are plenty. The Jamaica Stock Exchange saw an overall increase of 29.76% in the past year (from 75,076 to 97,419 points). That far outstrips almost all other investments out there. Of course, you’d need to select the right stock. Other options, depending on your residency, are tax-free foreign currency accounts that can be a great (and safer) way to put away some money for a rainy day. And there’s also Certificate of Deposit accounts – another great way to put away a lump-sum while earning some very good interest.

Yeah, getting that shiny new toy or that beautiful new addition to the wardrobe is a pretty good feeling, but it’s even better knowing you’ve invested well enough to buy a few toys and still be comfortable.