We all have dreams that we want to fulfill and here is where you can start making those dreams a reality.

At Victoria Mutual, we believe that Financial Independence means having clear financial goals, documenting specific plans towards achieving these goals and being satisfied that you are making progress towards these goals.

We have customised products and services combined with the proven expertise to help you to build your Financial Independence.

Are you ready for the journey?


How it All Works


The road to Financial Independence starts with a plan, but plans only work when you follow them. That’s why we’ll be here for you every step of the way with the right tools at the right times, guidance when you need it and, yes, even a cheering section.


1. Prepare for the Journey

Check out our Financial Independence Planning Centre! This is an animated questionnaire that will help you to assess where you are on your financial journey and will help you to set your priorities.


2. Get Your Map and Your Guide

After completing the Planning Centre, you will receive your Financial Planning Report. Also, when you send us your contact information, one of our Financial Independence advisors will contact you and further assist you on your journey.


3. Track Your Progress with us

Come in and talk with us so we can put your plan into action. We won’t stop there. We’ll help you stay on target by being an extra pair of eyes and sending you monthly, bi-monthly or quarterly updates on your progress towards your goals. We’ll help you through the challenges, and celebrate with you as you hit your milestones.

The Road is Paved with Information


Stories, tips and other informative posts to equip, entertain and guide you on your way.


Tools & Resources


We have the right tools and resources that will help you to make informed and timely decisions on your journey to Financial Independence.


See What We’re Saying


You have goals in life that you want to achieve and we take pride in helping you reach them.